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Welcome to Carina Hoang’s site.

I was one of hundreds of thousands who escaped the aftermath of the Vietnam War. I escaped with my sister and brother and 373 others from Saigon in June 1979. We arrived in Indonesia a week later.
 This site is about my escape and other journeys, to try and understand the enormity of what took place during these troubled times.

For the hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese boat people who did, or did not survive their ordeal in escaping the war. My personal journey differs only in the details, whereas the reasons, the hopes and dreams are very similar. Above all, we simply wanted to escape the horrors, the confusion and survive.

Over the years, I have carried the memories of our journey, cherished and shared them with my loved ones. Deep down though, I wish to share them with you. I would like you to know more about what the Vietnamese boat people went through, and perhaps help you to understand what this means. These unique experiences affected us all in different ways. Some were transformed into loving, giving individuals, whilst others became very sad, angry and embittered.

This website is just a sample of my experiences. I am planning for these memories and images to be published in book form, or film documentary for people to better understand what happened here, and for subsequent generations to benefit from.

I hope you enjoy your stay here.
Please email me with any concerns, thoughts, or ideas that you may have.

Carina Hoang, 2010