After the Lows, comes The Heights with Carina Hoang

Carina Hoang is an author of Boat People, a collection of personal Stories from the Vietnamese Exodus between 1975-1996. A refugee from war-torn Vietnam, Carina and her siblings escaped her birth country by boat following the end of the war in April 1975.  They landed on an island in Indonesia, where they had to learn the laws of the jungle to survive, until the UNHCR arrived on the island and processed them for resettlement.    When her daughter turned ten, Carina felt she needed to share her own journey with her daughter which led her to publishing Boat People, under her own publishing company Carina Hoang Communications.  Last year after completing her PHD thesis on the Vietnamese exodus, she auditioned for the role of Iris on the ABC's The Heights and was successful. The rest as they say, is history.  Carina joined Dai Le, who was also included in the Boat People, and Cathy Ngo to reflect on her journey from a refugee to becoming one of Australia's TV screen favourite character. 

Vietnamese mum burns | The Heights (S2)

"Do not yell near the eggs." Iris is back and her burns are hotter than ever. #TheHeightsTV

The wailing Bones of Kuku Island - New Trailer

The untold story of a Perth mother who must honour the dead by helping the living even if it means going to hell and back. In 1975, the fall of Saigon triggered an unprecedented Exodus of more than 2 million. Carina fled with her siblings in a wooden boat with 373 people. Storms, pirates and deprivation was the order of their days at sea. Their fate awaited them in an island jungle where wild dogs howled like wolves at night. Thirty years later, Carina is helping families back there as "a way of finding closureto fully get on with life". Special Thanks for the additional archival footage provided by: UNHCR the UN refugee agency